Injection molding | we deliver quality.

Frezal is expanding its capacity with tendency to satisfy short delivery times.

At Frezal, we are specialize in high-quality custom plastic injection molding.

We provide custom molding for 50 to 100,000+ injection molded parts as well as a  assembly process, packaging and etc.


In our production program, over 90% of articles are those of technical plastomer (PA – with or without glass fillers, PC, POM, PBT, PC / ABS, TPE, PMMA,..) of strict dimensional and esthetic requirements.



Our extensive services include:


    20 tonne to 500 tonne molding machines

    Insert Molding (vertical and horizontal)

    Multi Cavity Hot Runner molding



Compression molding of Thermosets


We offer close tolerance Compression molding and Transfer molding of termosets resins ( Bulk molding compound -BMC and Sheet molding compound -SMC).

We are equipped with an extensive range of  compression presses with tonnage capacities of up to 250 tons.


Adress: Marka Oreskovica 42, 22000 Ruma, Serbia

tel: +381(0)22 49 00 57, cell: +381(0)64 590 18 18


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